Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #78 - Fun with Art

Another fun night in the pub! Normally, I would wait for an Admin Monday to make some notices, but these are time dependent and mostly involve contests - have fun:


Yolande pointed out this art contest for the Donkey Sanctuary in Co. Cork. The theme is Donkeys.... :) Closing date is the 19th of March.

And Yolande pointed out that Ropes are looking for Art Submissions for their 2013 issue - the deadline is next Monday (the 28th), so move fast!

Monday the 28th is also the last day for this good cause which needs some Art that Joe Neary pointed out.

The Gazebo are still looking for Art for their next issue, the theme is Virtual Gaming. Get your art into them! Anita tells me their deadline is the 3rd of February.

And now, some photos from this evening! :)

Moody low angle group shot! So dramatic.

I think Leigh was working on a piece for the Donkey Sanctuary...

Jay was working on this moody Archer.

Ger was doing breakdowns for more pages of his comic -

I was doing more spaceships for what I was talking about on my blog

Helen was hard at work with a full set-up again -

George was working on these great pieces -

Geraldine was keeping the craft side up with some knitting -

I love that Anita is looking so happy...

... and Patrick is looking so glum. What a diptych!

Katie was working on something adorable again.

and Yolande gave Jay these crocheted converse. Bit too small for him, I think.

and she was right back to work again on more crochet!

and here's a more usual high angle group shot. Less moody, but you can see how cheerful we all are!

That's it for us this time around! Join us in another two weeks for another Galway Pub Scrawl - #79 "to all humans...".

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