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A round of links & updates from your friendly neighbourhood Pub Scrawl! As always, you can find where we discuss these links and other such stuff on the Galway Pub Scrawl Facebook Page!


Helen is helping to run the Galway Fringe Festival pop-up shop. In her words:

"Galway Fringe festival is doing an art pop-up shop for the Visual Art sector of the festival. Every artist will be given a stall in the Factory, in the upstairs open air garden, and there's a selling limit of 50 euro per item. I figure that's a great way for artists to produce lots of work and sell them cheaply, and it's a selling strategy that would really suit sketchers NUDGE. It will take place for a weekend during the Galway Arts Festival. As of yet undetermined."

We'll have more details as time approaches. :)

Ciaran wants you to like his page on Facebook - his venture, CreoDrone, will do 3-D printing for you at a low cost. Contact him if you need some 3-D printing done in the Galway area (or anywhere, I'm sure).

Also, Irene wants you to like her crochet page, Owls and Rainbows.


Patrick was messing about with Sculptris... it seems quite cool -

There was a cool competition to win a DIY Print Shop that lets you screenprint at home. But the competition was only open to America... aw boo. But if the idea of a DIY Screen Print kit floats your boat, here's the link.

There was a great quotation going around about the top end of the contemporary Art market -

"The circle of collectors and dealers is so small and so awash in cash that the process can seem to an outsider a bit like a rigged game, in which a bad deal can be considerably more valuable than a good one. If you buy a giant balloon toy for $30 million, you may have spent a few million more than you had to or even expected to; but you’ve set the value of that work and also elevated the value of all of the balloon toys in your collection. Which is especially good, since there aren’t very many people who can afford to spend $30 million on a giant balloon toy, and those who can tend to take pleasure in cornering a market."

Very enlightening!

There's even more cool videos up on Draw Mix Paint - go check it out!

Kevin Earl Taylor mixes Realism, Surrealism and Animals in these cool paintings....

Eva posted a nice time lapse tutorial over on Islander Art -

That's a lot of linkage, but it's a good reminder to keep an eye on Islander Art first and foremost!

Frieze New York 2013 was on the last few weeks. "Contemporary" Art isn't normally a focus for Pub Scrawl, but some stuff was good this year. You can check out some here, here and here and elsewhere on the net...

And Robert Longo is still working - which I like a lot.

That's it, that's all you guys. Come back next week for Galway Pub Scrawl #87 - Is it the teeth that that makes it creepy?

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