Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Galway Pub Scrawl #87 - Is it the teeth that makes it creepy?

Another night of Art & fun in the pub! Before I go on to post photos (and apologise for my various failings on this one), Scrawler Linda McNamara is selling some Art goodies if anyone is interested, including -

A wacom intuos 4 (small) which is on ebay with a reserve of €80
Exotique 3 (Ballistic publishing) €10
D'artiste Digital Painting 2 (Ballistic publishing) €10
The Marvel Art of Marko Djurdjevic (Marvel) €10
There's possibly a copy of Painter 11 going for 20 €uropes if she can deregister the license key.
Also, a load of Imagine FX's (lots of subscriber copies), have CD's for most of them. €2 a pop.

Pop over to her blog or drop her a line ( linda dot d dot boonstra [at] gmail ) if you're in the neighbourhood and any of these strike your fancy.

Anyhow, on to the Art! Our theme for the evening was "Skytrain" because Yolande and Patrick were dementedly going on about it. Here's your photos -

Here's our creative types, coming up with new Male appearance enhancement products (Balltox - patent pending)

Alan was drawing various animals

Jay was giving a sneak preview of a Wind in the Willows idea he has going on - they look awesome!

And Katie drew this sheep! All the wool detail almost did her wrist in, but she still had strength do draw a...


SKYTRAIN! (Dermo version)

SKYTRAIN! (Mary version)

SKYTRAIN! (Aoife's version!)

SKYTRAIN! (My version)

SKYTRAIN! (Patrick version)

That's it for Balltox (patent pending) and SKYTRAINs! Join us next week on the blog for another round of updates and links and in two weeks time in McSwiggans for another epic Galway Pub Scrawl #88 - Already one cultural reference behind!

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