Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Admin Monday 01 DEC 2014 (What? Wednesday? What?)

Some weeks I end up even further behind than usual... ;)


We're currently assembling a "Galway Pub Scrawlbook" - it's going to be a collection of sketches and works from our Scrawlers. If you are a regular or even part-time member, hit up the event and get in touch to have your Art featured in the book.

Join us in McSwiggan's on Monday the 8th of December for our next Galway Pub Scrawl - #125!! Boundaries (and how to break them), where we will be joined by the "Big Knit Party" - if you or anyone you know would like to learn a bit about knitting, follow the link to Facebook and buy a ticket using the instructions there. You can get the tickets at this link, but there are steps to follow, so go over to the Facebook link first. The ticket gets you all the materials you need, and regular Pub Scrawl shenanigans will be going on as usual!


The Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year show has been fairly entertaining this year - you should go check it out! There is a good gallery of entrants up on their site.

As shared sketchbooks are on my mind, I went over to Moleskine's official sketch blog, Moleskinerie. There is some super cool stuff there recently.

Ragz thought these 16th Century/Super Hero mash-ups were interesting.

Yolande warped our minds with these 3D tattoos.

Mary was interested in Moleskine and Adobe's collaboration on a sketchbook you can digitise using clever tech. It reminded me of Mod Notebooks, although they're not quite as immediate.

Iggy was linking to a blend of Food and Art.

If you want to see amazing storyboards from Alien:Isolation, you go here. The same guy (Calum Watt) has an awesome Sketch Blog.

GoniArt puts up amazing process pictures on this blog right here.

Ruth linked to this awesome video -

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