Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Galway Pub Scrawl #125 - Boundaries (and how to break them...)

More Art & fun in the Pub! McSwiggans gave us free finger food! - They're so good to us. Our transplanted Cork Drink Draw'er - Anna - took some pictures of me working too, so I actually appear in this set!

We're currently assembling a "Galway Pub Scrawlbook" - it's going to be a collection of sketches and works from our Scrawlers. If you are a regular or even part-time member, hit up the event and get in touch to have your Art featured in the book.

Look at all these happy Scrawlers!

Katie and Patrick are working on something for the Scrawlbook!

I was drawing some action.

Yolande is very close to the end of this project - wait til you see it finished, you guys.

James had two things this week -

Patrick is trying to crack a certain facial expression -

And the lower table - also very happy.

Ger draws men in armour -

Chuck draws from fashion reference -

Alanna was back! Awesome drawings -

Michelle was crafting hard -

Jay was working on more of his bookmarks -

Ruth's toned paper drawings are class -

Anna's photos - look! Me working!

Katie in soft lighting. :)

That'll be the last Pub Scrawl of 2014 - The 22nd of December is too close to Christmas for comfort. We'll be back in our favourite pub, McSwiggans, on the 5th of January, for Galway Pub Scrawl #126 - how many scrawls would a Pub Scrawler scrawl if a Pub Scrawler could scrawl pubs?

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