Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Admin Monday/Tuesday 27 JAN 2015 - Donal gets the finger out for the first time in ages.

GUYS! I've been swamped with stuff recently, so this is where we are. What a load of stuff to catch up on:


Jay has started a new Secret Sunday Scrawl in the Secret Garden Cafe on (or near? It might still be Williamsgate street or whatever) Sea Road, Galway. You can find us having the next one on the 8th of February at 14:00 hours.

We're almost done with assembling a "Galway Pub Scrawlbook" - it's going to be a collection of sketches and works from our Scrawlers. If you are a regular or even part-time member, hit up the event and get in touch to have your Art featured in the book. But you better move quick! It's almost time to go to press.

And speaking of Jay, you should check out his podcast with Gordon MacKay - still going strong.


Every Day Original is a website where you can buy beautiful, small original Art from amazing Artists at a reasonable price.

Muddy Colors has featured the displays from the Temple of Art. There is going to be a book and a documentary!

Ruth was pestering Brett Bean for advice. He writes back. :)

Here's some awesome Steampunk amimals made from old bits and pieces by a Russian Artist, Igor Verniy.

DeviantArt changed its layout, with an awesome Daniela Uhlig background on the landing page.

Brain Pickings ran a good list for the Best Art & Design books of 2014.

I'm sure you've all seen the Aaron Draplin designing a logo video, but if you haven't, it blew up the Internet for a while for good reason.

Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge from lynda.com on Vimeo.

Justin "Coro" Kaufman updated his site - check it out.

You should watch this video about Origami Artists, it spreads out to cover Art more generally -

James Newell pointed in the direction of this Irish animation - Combat Action Team.

Combat Action Team in Polar Icecap-ADES! from My Aunt Sally Productions on Vimeo.

Iggy found this article about a cool Street Artist, Odeith - unbelievably 3-D looking.

You probably want to download this pack of images and textures from the NASA ISS expeditions.

Patrick linked to free painting/sketching program Krita.

Ruth linked to this awesome gallery of Art by Chiara Bautista. If you like that, you should also check out Natalie Hall and Soey Milk.

Michael Craughwell has been featured in his own show on Discovery. It's all over the Internet, so you can find details here, there and wherever.

You can find us next Monday in McSwiggans as usual for our next Pub Scrawl - #128 - A freshly washed Pub Scrawl doesn't happen every day!

If you like our works, you might give us a +1 with your Google+ account on this here post, or RT our twitter account, or join us on Facebook!

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