Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Galway Pub Scrawl #127 - A freshly washed Pub Scrawl doesn't happen every day....

More Art & laughing in the Pub! Conversations are always quite weird in Pub Scrawl, but this time might have been one of the weirdest. Emergency questions, the weight of a foreskin, loads and loads of stunt casting of movies (thanks Keith) and more! Here's the Art -

Loads of happy Scrawlers!

Philip Barrett -

Chuck -

Ger Coady -

Michelle -

Jay Penn -

Mary Lillis -

Nico was doing an animation - watch for the finished thing here later

Anderson Morales -

Donal (me) -

Keith -

Patrick Gavin -

Katie Creaven -

And new Scrawler Catriona -

You can find us in two weeks time in McSwiggans as usual for our next Pub Scrawl - #129 - I've scrawled through the desert with a pen with no name...

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