Monday, February 9, 2015

Admin Monday 09 FEB 2015! 2015, you guys!


We've had our second Secret Sunday Scrawl, and very successful it was! You can find us again Sunday week for the next Secret Sunday Scrawl #003 in the The Secret Garden, Sea Road.


Ruth linked to a huge set of great drawing tutorials, here. Wanna draw something?

Daire recommended Painting Stuff to look like Stuff.

I was loving the drawings and etchings of Utisz. Look under "Anamorphoses" in the main gallery - they're crazy good.

I spotted Niio Mikael Miio‎ sharing this over on the Level Up! Facebook group - Very funny:

Last Sunday was Hourly Comic Day - some of us tried, but none of us managed to fill the day out.

Shohei Otomo (son of Katsuhiro Otomo) is a pretty bad ass ballpoint pen Artist:

Alan linked us to the idea of the #100daysproject - with 100 portraits of Nicolas Cage.

And Ruth recommended watching Face Off! (The TV Show, not the Movie)

You can find us in next week in McSwiggans as usual for our next Pub Scrawl - #129 - I've scrawled through the desert with a pen with no name... and Sunday week (the 22nd) for the next Secret Sunday Scrawl #003 in the The Secret Garden, Sea Road!

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