Sunday, March 22, 2015

Galway Pub Scrawl at the ITZACon Artists Alley Day 3 - 22 MAR 2015

We... were at the Artists Alley in ITZACon all weekend!

We were looking up at Stephanie Power's awesome banners at ITZACon all weekend! She was doing the Art design for the Con, and it looked the business.

And here's all of the Artists Alley area from where the banners were looking down at us.

You'd almost think that Jay was feeling positive from the smiley head on him.

Ruth at work.

Gerard at work.

I was doodling a few drawings as well.

Patrick at work.

Katie at work (she had the most on her plate).

Katie's rules for her commissions. Super cute!

Here's the Artists Alley from the other end.

Michael's amazing Smaug drawing.

Baska's awesome Marcelines! :)

More of Megan's handmade jewellery.

And the hard-working admissions desk of ITZACon XI! Fair play to them, they were going like the clappers all weekend.


We're going to be back in McSwiggans for the next Pub Scrawl on Monday the 30th of March - #132: Like stepping into a dodgy Narnia at 20:30. Who knows where else we are going to strike?

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