Sunday, March 22, 2015

Galway Pub Scrawl at the ITZACon XI Artist Alley Day 2 - 21 MAR 2015

We're at the Artists Alley in ITZACon all weekend!

Ruth seems worried -

Ger seems confident -

Patrick's awesome prints -

And the workhorse of the Con, Katie. The Scruffy Morris pictures were flying out the door this weekend!

"The Competition" - (actually mostly Pub Scrawlers as well) -

Baska's Adventure Time-themed pics!

Megan's Handmade Jewellery -

And Michael English's prints and caricatures! -

At five o'clock, most of us charged off to thenew Dr. Sketchy's Galway - Gotham Villains theme, so watch our various social media (mediae?) for pictures and so forth. You can find tagged stuff over on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #drsketchygalway or #drsketchyireland!


We're going to be continuing our weekend at the ITZACon Artist's Alley in the Aras na MacLeinn, NUI, Galway, so come check us out there. It's the last day of the Convention! Aw....

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