Wednesday, July 1, 2015

31 Day Drawing Challenge JUL 2015 - Day 001 Portrait of a Friend

It's the start of the JULY DRAWING CHALLENGE!!!!

Saḋḃ Ó Cinnseala by Louise Walshe

Mary Lillis by Jay Penn

M. Jean by Anderson Morales

Jay Penn by Gordon MacKay

Xavi by Clara Clareta

Will Smith (not that one) by Ruth Campion

*and* Kevin Campion by Ruth Campion

Coleman Costello by Declan Carroll

Dermot Canniffe by... Dermot Canniffe?

Emma Karttunen by Tytti Anttila

Patrick Hogan by Michelle McKinney

Donal Fallon by Aisling Bradley

Aine DuBose by Anita McGarry

Ross Giblin by Gerard Coady

Jun Finn Phenix by Jun-Pierre Shiozawa

Damien Pugh by Brian Cunningham

Charles Dunne by PaddyD.

Michelle McKinney by Patrick Hogan

Tara by Anna Giersz

Friendly old man in Kerry by Matt Lowry

Sarah by Michelle Gunning

Francesca Livesey by Edel Ryder-Hanrahan (check out her and Gar's webcomic project, The Harvesters, here )

Joe by Baska Bob

Aisling Bradley by Donal Fallon

Tom Scott by Liosa Mac

Mary Lillis by Katie Creaven

My little friend by James Newell

Emilie by Fiona Flavin

Jimi Juggle by Nico

Kenneth McNamara by Kevin McNamara

Sara Beth Helsel by Cody Ray Shafer

A trusty old friend by Sara Beth Helsel

Colin Mc Ellin by Patrick Gavin

Elizabeth Helsel by Elizabeth Helsel


You can find us next Monday (the 6th) in McSwiggans for the next Galway Pub Scrawl #139 - The Crystal Maze of Life and on Sunday the 12th in the Secret Garden for the next Secret Sunday Scrawl - #011: Everyone has Secrets! Whew! There's always a drawing session within sight with us.

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