Wednesday, July 15, 2015

31 Day Drawing Challenge JUL 2015 - What inspires you?

So! It's Day 16 of our 31 Day Drawing Challenge, but first, some homework for our loyal viewers!

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Ruth Campion - Half Dog Mawg
Declan Carroll - D:E:C
Clara Clareta - Once upon a Light
Katie Creaven - Scruffy Morris
Edel Ryder-Hanrahan - The Harvesters Webcomic
Jun-Pierre Shiozawa -


Gerard Coady
Patrick Gavin
Mary Lillis
Gordon MacKay
James Newell
Jay Penn

Facebook Pages:

Matt Lowry - Matt Lowry Art
Liosa Mac - Anchorbird Photography
Anita McGarry - Anita McGarry Photography
Baska Szostak - Baska Szostak Visual Artist
Louise Walshe - Louise Walshe Art


Donal Fallon
Anderson Morales
Jay Penn

Thanks so much for your support! Positive feedback keeps our morale going through tough Art challenges!

And now, what inspires our challengers?

Barbara Vulso -

Brian Cunningham -

Gordon MacKay -

Liosa Mac -

James Newell -

Nico -

Jay Penn -

Kevin Mulvany -

Mary Lillis -

Patrick Gavin -

Aisling Bradley -

Gerard Coady -

Matt Lowry -


You can find us next Monday (the 20th) in McSwiggans for the next Galway Pub Scrawl #140 - Something Square and today, Sunday the 12th in the Secret Garden for the next Secret Sunday Scrawl - #012: Don't leave home without your Lipstick!! Whew! There's always a drawing session within sight with us.

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