Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 15 - Fairytale & Homework!!! (Fun homework)

July is the Month of the 31-day drawing challenge!
Follow that link through for links to all our posts in the Challenge!

I'll keep updating this post with every "Fairytale" pic brought to my attention/inbox/twitter feed etc. :) I've been linking through to everyone involved' websites/portfolio/promotional material that I can. Please go visit the guys websites!

Make sure to email me (donalfall -at-, tweet at me on twitter (@donalfall) or post on the Event Page with your wonderful art and I'll transfer it here. Make sure to scroll down through the posts if you're checking back - everything has been updated with more and more and more.


Before you gaze upon the awesome art of today, you have to show our contributors some love. :) On the sidebar>> "Like" us on Facebook, Join this Site with Google Friend Connect and +1 this post (and more) with your Google a/c. Also, if you have a favourite post from the last few days, leave a comment on that day just noting which one(s) you liked. This really seems to help us on searches, we're finally starting to beat "Galway Pub Scene" as a Google suggestion, I really want to beat "Galway Pub Crawl"!


Follow our contributors links through and do the same for them. :) We all are giving away great Art for free & the positive feedback keeps us motivated. SHOW THE LOVE!

Jay Penn
Linda McNamara
Clara Avecilla
Louise Cahill
Mary Lillis
James Newell
Emma Dunne
Ciara Brehony
Ana Raymundo

Google Sites:

Deviant Art
Patrick Gavin
Tytti Anttila
Jenny Magaharan
Irene Arnold

Facebook Pages:
Wayne O'Connor
Anita McGarry
Ash Clancy

Youtube Channels:
Mykul Craughwell

Tom Scott
Andrew Judge
Liosa McNamara

We have some other amazing entrants who don't have websites sorted out, I'll list them when I can. If I forgot anyone, let me know asap! I'm so sorry! :D

And now - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart!

Mykul Craughwell, fastest in again with Hansel & Gretel

Liosa McNamara - The Princess & the Pea

Jay Penn - The Elf with the Giant Nose

Ciara Brehony - The Princess & the Frog

Me - Red Riding Hood (I'll punch up the Red a bit when I get home. :)

Tom Scott - Red Riding Hood

Ana Raymundo - Alice in Wonderland

emg - Sleeping Beauty

Andrew Judge - 3 Little Pigs

Paddy Delaney - A Fairy from the Tales.

Linda McNamara - Princess & the Frog

James Newell - 3 Billy Goats

Patrick Gavin

Mary Lillis

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