Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 31 - Anything everything anything everything

July is the Month of the 31-day drawing challenge!
Follow that link through for links to all our posts in the Challenge! This has been huge amounts of fun & inspiration. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog and on our Facebook Group for our next project!

I'll keep updating this post with every "Anything you want" pic brought to my attention/inbox/twitter feed etc. :) I've been linking through to everyone involved' websites/portfolio/promotional material that I can. Please go visit the guys websites!

Make sure to email me (donalfall -at- gmail.com), tweet at me on twitter (@donalfall) or post on the Event Page with your wonderful art and I'll transfer it here. Make sure to scroll down through the posts if you're checking back - everything has been updated with more and more and more.


Before you gaze upon the awesome art of today, you have to show our contributors some love. :) On the sidebar>> "Like" us on Facebook, Join this Site with Google Friend Connect and +1 this post (and more) with your Google a/c. Also, if you have a favourite post from the last few days, leave a comment on that day just noting which one(s) you liked. This really seems to help us on searches, we're finally starting to beat "Galway Pub Scene" as a Google suggestion, I really want to beat "Galway Pub Crawl"!


Follow our contributors links through and do the same for them. :) We all are giving away great Art for free & the positive feedback keeps us motivated. SHOW THE LOVE!

Jay Penn
Linda McNamara
Clara Avecilla
Louise Cahill
Mary Lillis
James Newell
Emma Dunne
Ciara Brehony
Ana Raymundo
Brian Cunningham

Google Sites:

Deviant Art
Patrick Gavin
Tytti Anttila
Jenny Magaharan
Irene Arnold

Facebook Pages:
Wayne O'Connor
Anita McGarry
Ash Clancy

Youtube Channels:
Mykul Craughwell

Tom Scott
Andrew Judge
Liosa McNamara

We have some other amazing entrants who don't have websites sorted out, I'll list them when I can. If I forgot anyone, let me know asap! I'm so sorry! :D

And now - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart!

Happy 4th Birthday Thomas! from Andrew Judge & everyone at Pub Scrawl!

Poster by Linda McNamara

The End by Jay Penn

Liosa McNamara

Mykul - WWJD?

Patrick Gavin - The End

Reflections by Brian Cunningham

Finish as you started - Self Portraits by EMG

Final Day Drawings by James Newell

Hair Braiding by Ana Raymundo

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