Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day Five - Master Copy

July is the Month of the 31-day drawing challenge!

Day One - Self Portraits
Day Two - Favourite Film
Day Three - Worst Nightmare
Day Four - Still Life

I'll keep updating this post with every Master Copy brought to my attention/inbox/twitter feed etc. :) I've been linking through to everyone involved' websites/portfolio/promotional material that I can. Please go visit the guys websites!

Make sure to email me (donalfall -at-, tweet at me on twitter (@donalfall) or post on the Event Page with your wonderful art and I'll transfer it here. Make sure to check down through the posts if you're checking back - all posts have been updated with more and more and more.

In case anyone is wondering what a Master Copy is, you take a piece by someone you consider a Master and copy a piece by them. Here's an old one by me copying Michelangelo as an example:

And here's our first entry, PaddyD. Not exactly a Master Copy, but evolution is a master at what it does, I guess. :) I like it so it gets in.

Mykul Craughwell - H.R. Giger

Linda McNamara - Vincent Van Gogh

Andrew Judge - Google Master Disc

Dermot Canniffe - After Leonardo Da Vinci

Patrick Gavin - Vermeer

Louise Cahill - Lucien Freud

Moi (Donal) - J.C. Leyendecker

Jason Penn - Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Brian Cunningham - Leonardo da Vinci

emg - Holbein

James Newell - Gary Larson

Mary Lillis - Picasso


Liosa McNamara - Van Eyck

Emma Dunne - Bosch Desktop

Copy your favourite Master and send it in!

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