Monday, October 8, 2012

Admin Monday 08th OCT 2012

Another round of links and gossip from your friendly Pub Scrawl!

We have acquired the domain name so it's even easier to point your friends here. This is a good example of how I'm lazy, but I get there eventually. It'll be working over time, there's always a few bugs to work out, but it should be active very soon.

Sketchtoberfest has begun! See this page for details, and respond to sign up. Obviously, preliminary people are already scrawling through their topics, but there may be a "Round Two" for late comers.

We're almost at the point of having Clanthology #1 ready for printing. Here's James' mock up of the cover to Issue #1! Keep an eye peeled - more announcements to follow.

Speaking of comics, we're running a 24 hour comic day event on October 20th with our friends from 091 Labs. Check our post here for more details.

Regular Scrawler Jay Penn is selling prints of his cover for Loviatar #9. Get in touch with him through his blog to order them!

These look amazing and are a very reasonable price. Don't forget to browse Jay's other stuff on his blog.

Also, new Scrawler Brian Patrick Fogerty made a new friend, our President.

Last minute update! Mary has a new design on Qwertee - go vote for her to get printed!

And now, some links:

Today's Inspiration - one of my favourite blogs - is involved in the launch of a BEAUTIFUL new magazine. You can find out about it here.

Dave Palumbo shared a process animated gif for one of his most recent works, "Fed", which was just outstanding.

Eva was quizzed about Drink and Draw Cork on the radio. You can hear the segment on their blog.

Howard Lyon did a blog post on Harmonious Colour that has to be read. has had an update. Beautiful work, wonderfully coloured.

I've often pointed at Dan Dos Santos' website. But are you aware of the "extras" tab? There are some awesome downloads and tutorials there - well worth looking at.

There are some amazing pictures over at Diary of Inhuman Species!

Unbored had these 10 drawing tips from Gary Panter.

Iggy pointed us at the story about the hunt for the remains of Mona Lisa.

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