Monday, October 22, 2012

Admin Monday 22nd OCT 2012

Another fortnight of news and links from the Galway Pub Scrawl! :)

So we made it, you guys, we did the 24 hour comic day.

Last minute update - Jay posted his 24 hour comic day not-a-comic today. Check it out!

The end of Sketchtoberfest is on the way. 9 more days to finish up whatever you are doing!

Links, links, links :

Sarah Ford shared a great blog post on the Narrative Development of her idea for a project about Myths...

The awesome, mighty Cerebus Comic run - "High Society" became available in a set of Digital Downloads from a great new site. It includes a video of Dave Sim, the creator, reading it aloud, as well as all kinds of extra art and notes.

The Illustration Master Class revealed their survey winners - basically a vote amongst the class as to who is the best in class. Amazing.

Mark Kennedy wrote this great post on why the environment in your art is also a character.

Patrick pointed out, rightly, that Jeff 'Dekal' Becker's website is full of great art.

Pascal Campion does these beautiful, colour filled sketches every day., the Irish Illustration blog, is always worth a read - and they're back posting on a regular basis.

Mike Doyle is one of those people who take their Lego very seriously.

Today's Inspiration had a great guest post from the Lost Art Books guys on their new set, The Lost Art of Heinrich Kley.

I really liked these motion capture photos of liquids.

That's it once again,

donalfall out.

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