Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Looking forward to 24 hour comics day! Or delirious at the thought, whatever....

Guys, don't forget that this weekend is 24 hour comics day and our run at the endurance test for the mind, eye and drawing hand/arm. Our friends in 091 Labs have moved venue to their new Flood Street/Merchants Road address, so we're running the event there!

If you need directions/clarifications or have any questions or comments, leave a comment, go over to the Facebook Event Page and get in touch there, or email me - donalfall at gmail.com - and we'll get you there. Other than that, turn up at 12 noon on Saturday the 20th and try your best to stay awake and drawing for our 24-hour odyssey of the mind. Please bring plenty of caffeine for me, and whatever you're having yourself.


  1. great!, do you have the address of the new lab location?


  2. That would help. It's been a long day. :) It's just opposite Cactus Jacks/Druid Lane. I don't know the exact address, but I will confirm.

  3. I'll put up a Google Maps link when I have a hold of it.