Monday, February 28, 2011

The other monday, again.

Our next Pub Scrawl is next monday, March the 07th, at 20:30 GMT in McSwiggans, Woodquay. We're in need of a topic, if anyone wants to throw one out. Even if you don't come and would like to see the Scrawlers tackle your suggestion, let us know with a reply to this post!

I'm sure I had stuff on my mind to recommend this week, but I'm awfully distracted - the chaos of "Student Week" is slowly exploding all around us here in Galway. At least next week will be nice and quiet, and we can Pubscrawl in peace. :)

Here's a few links, just throwing them out at the last minute...

Skottie Young & Scott Morse just started a new blog here :, where the two of them riff on an art topic everyday. You can also buy the originals, if you have $100 to spare. Take a look, you might actually be tempted! I know I have been, and it's only been on the go 2 weeks.

This blog, Editorial Explanations is hilarious. It may not be massively relevant to our mainly Irish audience, but have a look, stick it in your google reader, get a chuckle.

And I may have plugged Comic Twart, before - I'm not sure - but if you're not looking at it you're missing out on some fantastic artwork, every week.

That's it, hopefully this will keep you entertained til the next Pub Scrawl!


  1. st. patrick's theme? "St. P@rick 2011" sounds futuristic!


  2. Spot on idea James! St Patrick it is. Possibly 3@1|\|t P@tr1ck 2011...