Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Picture follow up!

Thanks to the efforts of the very fine Keith McNamara, we have pictures from Mondays Pub Scrawl! Bickety BAM!

The crowd gathers:

And gathers:

Mo holds forth:

Up close and personal to... Me!

Dermo has a sneeze... or something? I don't know what was wrong with him here.

Patrick works hard, as always.

Yolande knits - it's not all drawing here!

Kevin has to stop for a think.

Ashy's very fine Blushing Crow:

Linda's doing some nice figure drawing...

Jenny is away with the fairies

Early work from Oisin - do I see some Pandas appearing?

Kevin singer picture says something about Jesus.

True Panda

Vandal Pandas come for the Roman Empire:

Pandator? Cthuluda?

A more ruminatory Panda from Patrick

Jenny is away with Angel Wings!

That's it for the Pub Scrawl #35 and that's pretty much it for February!
donalfall OUT!

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  1. wanted to draw something all the same, even thought i could not make it to the pub scrawl.

    drawing at following link: