Monday, February 21, 2011

Who doesn't love Spoonerisms?

Well done to everyone for braving the schizophrenic weather and the Rag Week crowds (I forgot it was Rag Week when scheduling. I would almost have had a 1 month hiatus to avoid it) to come to the Pub Scrawl! A lot of fun was had & talked about, from Irish to Bacon Sandwiches to Rag Weekers.

I forgot my damn camera again, and the Cell phone pics are too rubbish to do justice to our talented Scrawlers. Luckily, Keith was on hand with his fine camera to take a few snaps of the peoples work. I will have them up the second he emails them on to me!

Meanwhile, keep the next Scrawl in mind - 7th of March 2011! Back into McSwiggans at half eight for more drawing, drinking & fun.

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