Monday, February 14, 2011

The other monday

So a quick line on updates as is usual for the monday in between Scrawls. Hmmmm...

Oh yeah, okay. So there are two *great* art blogs that I think you guys might get a kick out of. I've been reading these guys for an age, but there's no better time to jump aboard.

Leif Peng runs this great blog which is called Today's Inspiration his routes, wanderings and explorations of the last centuries' most talented illustrators are such a fantastic and inspiring read.

Stapleton Kearns, whom you can email with technical questions for his ongoing "Ask Stape" feature where he runs through technical questions, as well as theory and development of colour/light/paint/materials/setup etc, also runs a great blog, here. He recently started a feature called 100 paintings an artist should know, which starts with this link. As he discusses later, it's not totally subjective, but there is always a question mark over what paintings etc. to include in these "lists", but he's making a good case for the ones he's run so far.

Also, he included one of my favourite pictures of the English Rococo - George Romney's Lady Hamilton as Circe, with some background included. It only matches Paul Jamin's, Le Brenn et sa part de butin as pictures that came up during college, were critically panned, but I kind of liked them. :)

If you wander over to my sister's blog and comment in her most recent post, you can be in with a chance to win some crafty goodness!

And for your entertainment needs, try Battlepug! and Ratfist. Webcomic goodness.


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